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I started making soap for self-use since 2008.



cleansing face and body. "Body Cleansing(身體洗淨)"


Cosmetic Conscious




Only natural botonical and herbal ingredients are used. No added preserservative, artificial coloring, fragrances, SLS nor phosphate.



Each batch of soaps is made by cold-process only to preserve to the precious natural nutrients of every botonical and herbal ingredient. And, it is followed by a minimum 30-day long curing stage to ensure the complete saponification of each piece of soap so that it is mild and safe for use.


Size & Weight

Each piece of soap is hand-cut so their size and weight are not absolutely identical. Human error is about 5% in weight.

Body Cleansing / 身體洗淨


Body & Face Soap Collection (sold-out)

Mint & Charcoal

With the content of refreshing menthol and dirt absorbing charcoal powder, it is the soap specially for summer, leaving the skin a cool and fresh feeling.


ingredients: saponified oils (olive, coconut), water, glycerin, 

warning: not recommended to people with sensitive skins

100% Olive

After a minimun 45-day long curing stage and due to the pure olive oil content, this unscented soap is extra mild while still strong enough to cleanse the skin thoroughly.


ingredients: saponified olive oils, water, glyerin


A refreshing and mildly exfoilating soap.


ingreadients: saponified oils (olive, coconut, wheat gem & camellia), water, glycerin, eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree essential oil & seaweed


A soap with earthy and calming scent. Patchouli is known to treat skin complaints.


ingredients: saponified oils (olive, coconut, avocado & shortening), water, glycerin, patchouli essential oil & powder patchouli

Lavender & Alkanet Root

Lavendery flora scent is calming and cheerful while alkanet root is known to sooth acne-prone and eczema suffering skin.


ingredients: saponified oils (olive infused with alkanet root, coconut, cocoa butter & caster), water, glycerin, lavender essential oil & lavender

warning: not recommended for the use by pregnant ladies.


An unscented and gentle soap with skin-soothing calendula.


ingredients: saponified oils (olive, ), water, glycerin & calendula petals