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JULY, 2015 - Inglourious Fruit (有型蔬菜)Postcard Set

Having an unappealing appearance, inglourious fruit always ends up in the garbage bin. It is equally nutritionous and healthy as the glourious one though.


Client: FARMHANDS 耕作人

JULY, 2015 - Local Vegetable Sticker Set

A sticker set includes 10 local vegetables.


Client: FARMHANDS 耕作人

JUNE, 2014 - Drawing on Totes
Sneaky faces are everywhere.
MAY, 2014 - the first appearance of Sneaky Faces
I love red-and-white dots and love hiding some sneaky faces around.
December, 2013 - Ar Bear inside a Corrugated Box
Therefore, Ah Bear could join flea market with me.
OCTOBER, 2011 - Ar Bear on Tote
Therefore, Ah Bear could hang out with me.