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Millions of wool fibre intertwist together and become a regular form.

November, 2013 - A naughty old man
Never too early or late for Christmas.
Material: wool
November, 2013 - The Badge of Mushroom by a mushroom addict
Looking it carefully so you could discover its timid face behind its ring.
Material: wool, leather, cotton & metallic pins
November, 2013 - Anything about Mushroom, by a mushroom lover
My definition of "obsession".
Material: wool & metallic pins
AUGUST, 2013 - Surgery in Progress
"Wool and a needle are all I need", the surgeon said.
Material: wool
November, 2012 - A Mushroom Family
They are tiny but they have love.
Material: wool
November, 2011 - Evolution
The science of craft.
Material: wool
November, 2011 - The Badge of Wonderland
Elements of human life: home, ocean, sky, greens and freedom.
Material: wool