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JULY, 2015 -  《本地荔枝蜜 ( LOCAL LYCHEE HONEY ) 》


In the summer of 2014, I learned farming in Ping Che. A villager made us lychee honey water for relieving the heat. It smelled and tasted refreshing. He collected the honey from his handmade wooden beehive boxes. Every April, when lychee trees blossom, his honey bees fly to the flowers and collect nectar. After the flowers wither, lychee is borne.
more on http://bykoey.blogspot.hk/2015/07/explore-local-lychee-honey.html

15/04/2015 -  《公平菜(Fair Choi)》, 新假期週刊(Weekend Weekly Megazine), Vol.816


Feature about the ways of fairer trading of organic vegetables by local famers.

Client:  新假期週刊(Weekend Weekly Megazine)

15/09/2014 - 《謝謝農(Thank You Farmers)》,新假期週刊(Weekend Weekly Megazine), Vol.784 


Feature about seasonal local vegetables.


Client: 新假期週刊(Weekend Weekly Megazine)

28/07/2014 - 《菜頭再種》,新假期週刊(Weekend Weekly Megazine), Vol.777 


Feature about regrowing vegetables with their leftover.


Client: 新假期週刊(Weekend Weekly Megazine)

JANUARY, 2014-  Simple Cookie Receipe


 I bake a lot of delicious butter cookies. The recipe I used was super simple.