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Koey Li at her exhibition
Koey Li went hiking

Koey Li


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Koey Li is an artist and illustrator from Hong Kong. She explores meaning of life and the relation between nature and man with paintings, embroidery and crafts. She is also a social innovator striving to create positive societal change in the community through cross-sector social projects.

Nature has always been a great love of Koey since little, so are paintings and embroidery. Bringing these loves together, she expresses, through art, her inner self that emerges while she is immersed in nature - this is a deeply personal process as she finds meaning in her life. She hopes her work would bring joy and peace to her audience - that would be her greatest honour and happiness.





For collaboration, commission, and original artwork purchasing, please email Koey via


2021 - "Surmounting", arthome, Hong Kong


2021 - "Home Cooking Today", arthome, Hong Kong

2012 - "I Knit MK (Goldfish Street)" Crochet Art Joint Exhibition, Langham Place, Hong Kong


2022 - Sportsoho: Mountaineering 山人山畫 (read here)

2021 - ACOO: 繪畫刺繡記下香港山野 (read here)

2020 - Obscura Magazine: Dear, Doing Nothing is Really Okay (read here)

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