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Doing Nothing Is Really Okay - Poster

Doing Nothing Is Really Okay - Poster

Hong Kong x Taiwan


At the end of 2019, I was invited by Okaymama from Taiwan to co-create this double-sided poster. One side of the poster is the 2020 calendar, and on the other side it comes a mother sitting on a swan flying freely with the birds, steeling a moment of peace. As the year passes, the calendar can be turned over, becoming a poster to be hanged at home.


Wish all mums would enjoy being mums.


  • Doubled-sided poster
  • Printed on 140gsm paper in Taiwan
  • Size: 50 x 70cm
  • Each print is hand signed by Koey
  • Frame is not included



香港 x 台灣






  • 雙面海報
  • 於台灣以140gsm紙印刷
  • 尺寸:50 x 70cm
  • 每張皆由Koey手簽名字
  • 不含框




《給媽媽的月月刊 (Monthly Zine For Mums) 》


In 2015, Okaymama became the mother of her son. From 2017, she started publishing a monthly online zine for mums to subscribe for free, hoping to offer inspiration to nourish their post-natal lives and help them love being mums.

To subscribe the online zine:




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